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Pumpkin Fetta Salad!

Let's get back to basics with a delicious pumpkin salad. A few of us have been experimenting in the kitchen as of lately but as we transition back to the office it'll be refreshing to do something easy and less time consuming. A few of us may or may not have over-indulged since we've had the 24/7 access to our fridge so we're bringing you a delicious salad idea that you could easily add to your weekly meal prep. It's all about the pumpkin so make sure you spend the time perfecting the roasted pumpkin to make this your new favourite salad.

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Five-Spice Beef Meatballs

We asked, you voted! According to our Instagram poll, it was a big YES to us sharing the recipe to our favourite homemade fve-spice beef meatballs!! Happy cooking!!  Prep Time: 10-15 mins Cook Time: 15-20 minsServes: 4 (20ish balls, 2cm x 2cm) Ingredients: 500g x beef mince2 x eggs 1 x tbsp garlic, finely diced 1 x brown onion, finely grated ¾ cup panko crumbs 1 x tbsp five spice 1 x tsp chili flakes Dash of oil Salt & pepper Method: Step 1: Prep and cut all your ingredients as specified in the ingredients list Step 2: Place everything into a bowl and mix thoroughly so everything is combined Step 3: With your hands, start forming 2cm x 2cm...

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